YF3 Registry

Baltimore, Maryland

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EngineTransSCHED NO.-Date / DealerNotes
10/25/20111689xx72426 2606B-554236307-2M30xx xx-xx / SEYMOUR CHEVROLET - CAMBRIDGE, MA(2)
09/13/20136341xx70165 B04A-217255350-4M2052 04-03 / BYRNE BROS INC - WHITE PLAINS N Y(2)
06/24/20145888xx70163 6301B-733324350-4M3806 01-27 / WRIGHT CHEVROLET -
12/04/20155202xx70265 B9C-144135350-2M20 (2)
09/26/20165448xx70153 53xxx-355250350-4M38 n/v
05/06/201954673970165 6512C-215993350-2M20 (2)

@ Baltimore does not put the body number from block #8 on the build sheet on the trim tag but rather the first 6-digit group of numbers from block #24 on the build sheet. This 6-digit number is the number listed on the table.
 In Body Date/No. column, the number after the dash ( - ) is the number appearing on the trim tag after the assembly plant. For Baltimore, this is part of the DP SEQ NO. and not the body number as listed on the build sheet.
 n/v - Not verified and/or some paperwork is suspect.
n/a or 'x' - Data not available.
* In 1972 Chevrolet used the same interior code for both bench and bucket seat color & fabric. Bucket seats were noted with A51 following the number code and bench seats were noted with A52 or nothing at all. Since bucket seats were not an option on the base Chevelle there should be no A51 coded trim tags.

(1) Data arrived at via what is believed to be a valid build sheet, bill of sale, and/or warranty card (Protect-O-Plate). Last 2 digits of sequence number suppressed until registered by owner. If you own any of these Chevelles or know the current owner, please contact the Heavy Chevy Registry.

(2) Documentation supplied by current or former owner. (If there is a link here it will link to a page of the car's photo/history/story.)