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International 1971-1972 Chevelle YF3 Registry - Certificate of Registration

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YF3 Registry Certificate
Sample Standard Certificate

Sample Custom Certificate

If you do want any deviation from the samples (i.e., no name, no VIN, no wording, etc.) let me know when you place your order. If I have photos of your YF3 Heavy Chevy on file, I'll select what I think is the best one for a custom certificate. If you have a different photo you would like used, email it to me at   with specific instructions. Your photo may be cropped to fit the required aspect ratio.

YF3 Registry Certificate of Registration is now available to proudly show with your YF3 Chevelle. Great for that car show or just to hang in your den or garage. Your Certificate of Registration will have your name listed and the date of registration.

Besides gold, certificates are also available with blue, green, or red frames.  Please specify which you prefer. Click a frame below to see larger image.

Blue Frame  Green Frame 
Red Frame
Click for larger pics of frame samples ↑

Examples of various frame colors and car colors

Orders for certificates for Chevelles NOT registered in the YF3 Registry will not be honored. Attempts will be made to contact you via return email for refund for a maximum of 14 days. If there is no reply within that time frame, payment cannot be reimbursed! Otherwise there are no refunds on certificates.

Printed on quality paper and enclosed in a protective slip-sleeve envelope to keep them fresh. Cost is only $26.95 shipped for standard certificate with no vehicle image (as shown above) or $31.95 for CUSTOM certificate with you car's photo*, to your door. The certificate is not a requirement for registration nor a authoritative verification of your car. Sold as a novelty item for visual presentation of registration only. Please specify if you do not want the VIN after your name. VIN will be printed unless you specifically request it NOT to be printed.

The certificate is not a requirement for registration. Sold as a novelty item for visual presentation of registration only.

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Standard certificate without photo

↓↓  YF3 - Heavy Chevy Standard Certificate ↓↓

Standard Certificate with Shipping & Handling
Please Select Year
Select a frame color
Name to appear on Certificate
Vehicle Identification Number

Custom certificate with photo

↓↓  YF3 - Heavy Chevy Custom Certificate ↓↓

Custom Certificate with Shipping & Handling*
Please Select Year
Select a frame color
Name to appear on Certificate
Vehicle Identification Number

Or contact me at  for cash, check, or USPS money order purchase.

* If you are ordering a CUSTOM Certificate of Registration with your car's photo, please submit photo to the e-mail address above. Photos should be a minimum of 800x600 (preferably larger if possible such as 2500+ to allow for minor cropping) and free of background clutter such as kids toys, garage tools, show car field, etc.

Postage to any U.S. mailing address is included in the prices; any mailing address outside the U.S. must add $3.00 to cover additional shipping and handling.

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