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Heavy Chevy Registry Submission Form

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Try to find a photo of your Chevelle that does not have the front or rear cut off like this:
Take a few steps back and capture the entire car.

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03/28/2016: If you are using a smartphone of some type to complete the form, it may not be forwarded by the email handler on your phone. If you experience a problem, like me not getting the completed form, and insist on using a smartphone then please take a screenshot of the completed form BEFORE you click the "Submit" button and email me that screenshot plus any photos you have to document the car and/or wish to submit to the gallery.

I've experienced the same issue with some other email address as well from MACS and PCs, not getting the registration form. If you received your confirmation email but do not hear back from me within a couple of days of registration, please forward your copy of the confirmation and attach any photos to the forwarded email and email them to me at